Perennial - REF

Perennial (adjective):Meaning:

  1. Lasting or remaining active or present throughout the year, or for many years.
  2. Enduring or recurrent; consistently happening or appearing.
  3. Often used metaphorically to describe something that is enduring or timeless.


  1. The roses in her garden are perennial and bloom every year.
  2. The issue of climate change is a perennial concern for scientists and policymakers.
  3. His perennial optimism kept him going even in tough times.


  1. Continuous, everlasting, unending.
  2. Recurrent, persistent, incessant.
  3. Timeless, enduring, ageless.


  1. Seasonal, temporary, short-lived.
  2. Intermittent, sporadic, occasional.
  3. Fleeting, transient, temporary.


  1. Perennial favorite: The chocolate cake is a perennial favorite at the bakery.
  2. Perennial problem: The lack of funding has been a perennial problem for our organization.
  3. Perennial plant: The daffodils are perennial plants that bloom every spring.


  1. Perennial question: The perennial question of "What is the meaning of life?" has puzzled philosophers for centuries.
  2. Perennial debate: The perennial debate between nature and nurture continues to intrigue researchers.
  3. Perennial wisdom: The ancient texts are a source of perennial wisdom that still holds relevance today.


  1. Perennial challenge: Addressing poverty is a perennial challenge for governments worldwide.
  2. Perennial concern: Education is a perennial concern that affects societies across the globe.
  3. Perennial struggle: The artist's perennial struggle for recognition is a common theme in their work.


  1. Perennial issue: Climate change is a perennial issue that requires urgent attention.
  2. Perennial source: The library is a perennial source of knowledge and information.
  3. Perennial symbol: The ancient oak tree is a perennial symbol of strength and resilience.

Word Family (noun):

  • Perennial (noun): A plant that lives for several years and usually flowers each year.

Word Family (adverb):

  • Perennially (adverb): In a manner that is consistent or persistent over time.

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