Permeate - REF

Permeate (verb):Meaning: To spread or diffuse throughout something; to penetrate and fill every part or aspect of a substance, place, or concept.


  1. The aroma of freshly baked bread permeated the entire house.
  2. The sense of excitement permeated the atmosphere as the concert began.
  3. The idea of sustainability began to permeate the company's policies.

Synonyms: Penetrate, infuse, infiltrate, saturate, pervade.

Antonyms: Evaporate, dissipate, disperse, withdraw, remove.


  1. Permeate through: The smell of coffee permeated through the kitchen, enticing everyone.
  2. Permeate every corner: The feeling of unity permeated every corner of the gathering.
  3. Permeate the culture: The company aimed to permeate the culture with a sense of innovation.


  1. Get under one's skin: The sound of his voice had a way of getting under her skin and permeating her thoughts.
  2. Work its way into: The scent of flowers worked its way into the room, permeating the space.
  3. Be in the air: A sense of excitement was in the air, permeating the event.


  1. Run deep: The emotions between them ran deep, permeating their connection.
  2. Sink in: As the news sank in, a sense of shock permeated the room.
  3. Catch on: The trend began to catch on and permeate popular culture.


  1. Permeate every aspect: The philosophy of kindness was meant to permeate every aspect of their lives.
  2. Permeate the environment: The scent of pine trees permeated the environment, creating a calming atmosphere.
  3. Permeate the senses: The beauty of the artwork permeated the senses of all who admired it.

Word Family:

  • Permeable (adjective)
  • Permeation (noun)
  • Permeator (noun, rare)

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