Pitch - REF

Pitch (noun/verb):Meaning (noun):

  1. In music: The perceived frequency of a sound; how high or low a tone is.
  2. In sports/games: The area of a field, court, or playing surface.
  3. In business/marketing: A presentation or proposal intended to persuade or convince.

Meaning (verb):

  1. To throw, toss, or propel something.
  2. To set up and promote a product, idea, or proposal.


  1. The violinist adjusted the strings to produce the perfect pitch for the melody.
  2. The soccer match was played on a wet and slippery pitch.
  3. The sales team prepared a compelling pitch to attract potential investors.

Synonyms (noun):

  1. Tone, frequency, note (music context).
  2. Field, court, ground (sports context).
  3. Presentation, proposal, offering (business context).

Synonyms (verb):

  1. Throw, toss, hurl.
  2. Promote, market, advertise.

Antonyms (noun/verb):

  1. Low pitch: High pitch (music context).
  2. Remove from the pitch: Bench, sideline (sports context).
  3. Reject, dismiss, decline (business context).


  1. Pitch a tent: The campers decided to pitch a tent near the lake for the night.
  2. Pitch dark: It was pitch dark outside when they arrived at the cabin.
  3. Perfect pitch: The musician had an exceptional ability to recognize perfect pitch in music.


  1. Pitch in: Everyone decided to pitch in and help clean up after the party.
  2. Pitch a fit: The child started to pitch a fit when she couldn't have her favorite toy.
  3. Pitch in a nutshell: The manager explained the project's details in a concise pitch in a nutshell.


  1. Pitch an idea: The team gathered to pitch an idea for a new product to the company's executives.
  2. Pitch-perfect: Her singing was pitch-perfect, impressing everyone at the audition.
  3. Pitch the ball: The baseball player prepared to pitch the ball to the batter.


  1. Pitch black: The cave was so deep that it was pitch black inside.
  2. Pitch a proposal: The entrepreneur was excited to pitch a proposal to potential investors.
  3. Pitch and toss: The kids enjoyed playing a game of pitch and toss with a ball.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Pitched (adjective): Used to describe the angle or inclination of something, like a pitched roof.

Word Family (adverb):

  • Pitchedly (adverb): Used to describe something done with a strong pitch or intensity.

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