Priceless - REF

Priceless (adjective):Meaning: Having a value beyond measure, often due to its emotional or historical significance, and not able to be replaced by any amount of money.


  1. The family heirloom was priceless to her, as it held generations of memories.
  2. The museum displayed a collection of priceless artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  3. Her smile was a priceless response to the surprise gift.

Synonyms: Invaluable, irreplaceable, precious, unique, incomparable.

Antonyms: Valuable, costly, replaceable, common, ordinary.


  1. Priceless treasure: The old journal was a priceless treasure of historical information.
  2. Priceless moment: The photograph captured a priceless moment at the family reunion.
  3. Priceless memory: The vacation left her with many priceless memories.


  1. Worth its weight in gold: Her advice is worth its weight in gold; it's invaluable.
  2. Pearl of great price: Her kindness is a pearl of great price in a world of uncertainties.
  3. Beyond price: The support from her friends was beyond price during her tough times.


  1. Priceless joy: The children's laughter brought priceless joy to the gathering.
  2. Priceless reaction: Her priceless reaction to the surprise party made everyone smile.
  3. Priceless possession: The handwritten letter was her most priceless possession.


  1. Priceless artwork: The museum showcased a collection of priceless artworks.
  2. Priceless gift: Her friendship was a priceless gift that he cherished.
  3. Priceless contribution: His dedication was a priceless contribution to the project's success.

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