Progress - REF

Progress (noun/verb):Meaning (noun): Forward movement towards a goal, development, improvement, or advancement.

Examples (noun):

  1. The team celebrated the significant progress they made on the project.
  2. Her dedication to learning resulted in steady progress in her skills.
  3. The city's infrastructure has seen remarkable progress in recent years.

Synonyms (noun): Advancement, improvement, development, growth, evolution.

Antonyms (noun): Stagnation, regression, decline, setback, retrogression.

Meaning (verb): To move forward or develop towards a better state, to advance or improve.

Examples (verb):

  1. The company is determined to progress its sustainability initiatives.
  2. She worked hard to progress her career within the organization.
  3. The research findings progressed our understanding of the subject.

Synonyms (verb): Advance, develop, improve, grow, move forward.

Antonyms (verb): Regress, stagnate, deteriorate, decline, move backward.

Collocations (noun/verb):

  1. Make progress: The students made progress in their studies.
  2. Continuous progress: The project showed continuous progress week after week.
  3. Track progress: The team uses software to track progress on tasks.

Idioms (noun/verb):

  1. In progress: The construction project is in progress and will be completed soon.
  2. Make progress by leaps and bounds: With determination, she made progress by leaps and bounds in her career.
  3. Work in progress: The research paper is still a work in progress.

Expressions (noun/verb):

  1. Show progress: The data shows progress in reducing pollution levels.
  2. Marked progress: There has been marked progress in healthcare over the years.
  3. Slow but steady progress: The company is making slow but steady progress in the market.

Phrases (noun/verb):

  1. Signs of progress: The economy is showing signs of progress after the recession.
  2. Achieve progress: The team aims to achieve progress by meeting its targets.
  3. Visible progress: The construction site displayed visible progress each day.

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