Proof - REF

Proof (noun/adjective):Meaning (noun): Evidence or information that demonstrates the truth or validity of something; a confirmation of accuracy or authenticity. Meaning (adjective): Resistant to damage, harm, or influence; able to withstand certain conditions.

Examples (noun):

  1. The document served as proof of his ownership of the property.
  2. Her success in the competition was undeniable proof of her talent.
  3. The fingerprint was crucial proof in solving the mystery.

Examples (adjective):

  1. The new phone case is proof against water and dust.
  2. The building is designed to be earthquake-proof.
  3. The security system is proof that your data is safe.

Synonyms: (noun) Evidence, verification, validation, substantiation; (adjective) Resistant, impervious, immune, invulnerable.

Antonyms: (noun) Disproof, refutation, contradiction; (adjective) Vulnerable, susceptible, fragile.

Collocations (noun):

  1. Provide proof: He had to provide proof of his identity to access the restricted area.
  2. Solid proof: The video footage was solid proof of the event.
  3. Undeniable proof: The DNA analysis provided undeniable proof of the suspect's presence at the crime scene.


  1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating: The true value of something is only realized through experience or use.
  2. Proof positive: Irrefutable evidence that confirms a fact.
  3. Proof is in the pudding: The actual results or outcomes are the best way to judge the effectiveness or quality of something.


  1. Proof of concept: The prototype was created as a proof of concept for the new technology.
  2. Proof of purchase: You'll need the proof of purchase to claim a warranty.
  3. Foolproof: The instructions are designed to be foolproof, ensuring easy understanding and success.


  1. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt: The evidence presented in court was proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the defendant's guilt.
  2. Proof of delivery: The signed document serves as proof of delivery for the package.
  3. Proof of insurance: You'll need to provide proof of insurance when registering your vehicle.

Word Family:

  • Prove (verb)
  • Proven (past participle/adjective)
  • Provable (adjective)
  • Unproven (adjective)
  • Prover (noun)

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