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Reach (verb/noun):Meaning (verb): To extend one's arm or hand in order to touch, grasp, or make contact with something; to arrive at or attain a particular place, level, or state. Meaning (noun): The distance or extent covered by a person's arm when fully extended; the range, scope, or extent of something.


  1. She stretched out to reach the book on the top shelf.
  2. The company aims to reach a wider audience through its new marketing strategy.
  3. The mountain peak is a challenging destination to reach.

Synonyms (verb): Extend, touch, arrive, attain, achieve. Synonyms (noun): Distance, range, scope, extent, span.

Antonyms (verb/noun): Withdraw, contract, retreat, miss, fall short.


  1. Reach a consensus: After a long discussion, they finally reached a consensus on the decision.
  2. Reach a milestone: The project has successfully reached a milestone in its development.
  3. Reach out: If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to your colleagues.


  1. Reach for the stars: He has always encouraged his children to reach for the stars and pursue their dreams.
  2. Reach new heights: The company's innovative approach helped it reach new heights in the industry.
  3. Reach the breaking point: After weeks of stress, she finally reached the breaking point and needed a break.


  1. Beyond someone's reach: The solution was beyond her reach at that moment.
  2. Within reach: The item was placed within reach, making it easy to grab.
  3. Stretch one's reach: She had to stretch her reach to access the last book on the shelf.


  1. Reach the destination: We should reach the destination by sunset.
  2. Reach a compromise: They were able to reach a compromise after negotiating for hours.
  3. Reach a conclusion: The investigation will help us reach a conclusion about the incident.

Word Family (suffix: "-er"):

  • Reacher (noun): A tool used to extend one's reach, often with a long handle.

Word Family (suffix: "-ing"):

  • Reaching (adjective): Extending or stretching out to touch or attain something.
  • Overreaching (noun): Trying to achieve too much or going beyond limits.

Word Family (suffix: "-able"):

  • Reachable (adjective): Capable of being reached or accessed.

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