Resign - REF

Resign (verb):Meaning:To voluntarily leave a job, position, or responsibility, typically by formally submitting a letter of resignation.


  1. After years of working for the company, she decided to resign and pursue other opportunities.
  2. The manager's decision to resign came as a shock to the team.
  3. He resigned from his position as chairman due to personal reasons.


  1. Quit, step down, retire.
  2. Abandon, relinquish, surrender.


  1. Stay, remain, continue.
  2. Accept, assume, undertake.


  1. Resign from: She chose to resign from her position after a long and successful career.
  2. Resign as: He decided to resign as the head of the committee.
  3. Resign over: The controversy led him to resign over the matter.


  1. Throw in the towel: After facing too many challenges, he decided to throw in the towel and resign.


  1. Resign in protest: The employees resigned in protest against the unfair working conditions.


  1. Resign with dignity: She chose to resign with dignity rather than continue in a difficult situation.

Word Family (noun/adjective):

  • Resignation (noun): The act of resigning or quitting a job.
  • Resigned (adjective): Accepting a situation as it is, often with a sense of resignation.

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