Refuse - REF

Refuse (verb/noun):Meaning (verb): To decline or reject something; to say no to a request, offer, or opportunity.

Examples (verb):

  1. She politely refused the invitation to the event.
  2. The company refused to compromise on its quality standards.
  3. Despite his insistence, she refused to lend him money.

Synonyms (verb): Decline, reject, deny, decline, dismiss.

Antonyms (verb): Accept, agree, approve, consent, embrace.

Meaning (noun): Waste or discarded material; items that are not wanted and are thrown away.

Examples (noun):

  1. The city has implemented a recycling program to reduce refuse in landfills.
  2. The refuse bins were emptied on a weekly basis.
  3. The park was littered with refuse left by visitors.

Synonyms (noun): Waste, garbage, rubbish, trash, debris.

Antonyms (noun): Valuables, assets, treasures, belongings.

Collocations (verb/noun):

  1. Refuse a request: He had to refuse a request for additional time off.
  2. Refuse collection: The refuse collection takes place early in the morning.
  3. Refuse disposal: Proper refuse disposal is essential for a clean environment.

Idioms (verb/noun):

  1. Refuse to budge: Despite negotiations, he refused to budge on the terms.
  2. Refuse to hear: The child refused to hear any explanation for the rule.
  3. Refuse point-blank: He refused point-blank to cooperate with the investigation.

Expressions (verb/noun):

  1. Politely refuse: She had to politely refuse the offer due to prior commitments.
  2. Flatly refuse: The company flatly refused the proposal as it was not feasible.
  3. Refuse collection day: Residents were reminded of the refuse collection day schedule.

Phrases (verb/noun):

  1. Refuse disposal site: The city established a new refuse disposal site to manage waste.
  2. Dispose of refuse: The facility helps businesses dispose of refuse responsibly.
  3. Refuse management: The seminar discussed effective refuse management strategies.

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