Regardless - REF

Regardless (adverb):Meaning: Without consideration or attention to particular conditions, circumstances, or consequences; in spite of obstacles, objections, or challenges.


  1. She pursued her dreams regardless of the obstacles in her way.
  2. The team continued working regardless of the late hour.
  3. He spoke his mind regardless of the potential consequences.

Synonyms: Irrespective, nonetheless, nevertheless, in any case, anyway.

Antonyms: Caring, mindful, cautious, attentive, considerate.


  1. Regardless of: They went hiking regardless of the weather forecast.
  2. Continue regardless: He decided to continue regardless of the difficulties.
  3. Do it regardless: She was determined to do it regardless of the challenges.


  1. In spite of everything: He succeeded in spite of everything that stood in his way.
  2. Bullheaded: His bullheaded attitude led him to pursue his goals regardless.
  3. Against all odds: She achieved her dreams against all odds.


  1. Press on regardless: The team decided to press on regardless to meet the deadline.
  2. Keep going regardless: The marathon runners decided to keep going regardless of fatigue.
  3. Live life regardless: She chose to live life regardless of societal expectations.


  1. Move forward regardless: They chose to move forward regardless of setbacks.
  2. Keep going regardless of obstacles: The team's motto was to keep going regardless of obstacles.
  3. Pursue dreams regardless: He encouraged others to pursue their dreams regardless.

Word Family:

  • Regard (noun/verb)
  • Disregard (noun/verb)
  • Regardful (adjective)
  • Disregardful (adjective)

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