Replace - REF

Replace (verb):Meaning: To take the place of something or someone, especially by being newer, more suitable, or serving the same function.


  1. The old machinery was replaced with newer, more efficient models.
  2. She decided to replace her worn-out shoes with a brand new pair.
  3. The retiring employee will be replaced by a new hire next month.

Synonyms: Subsitute, exchange, supplant, swap, renew.

Antonyms: Keep, retain, maintain, preserve, conserve.


  1. Replace with: They decided to replace the outdated system with a more advanced one.
  2. Replace by: The original artwork was replaced by a high-quality reproduction.
  3. Replace something in: He needed to replace something in the car's engine.


  1. Replace the old with the new: They aimed to replace the old with the new in their business strategy.
  2. Replace a void: Her new hobby helped replace a void in her life.


  1. Replace a part: He needed to replace a part of the broken machine.
  2. Replace someone's role: It's challenging to replace someone's role in a team.


  1. Replace the existing: The company decided to replace the existing equipment to improve efficiency.
  2. Replace worn-out: It's time to replace the worn-out furniture in the office.
  3. Replace one thing with another: She decided to replace one thing with another to enhance her daily routine.

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