Residual - REF

Residual (adjective/noun):Meaning (adjective): Remaining or left over after the main or most important part has been removed or taken away.

Examples (adjective):

  1. There was a residual smell of paint in the room after the renovation.
  2. The residual effects of the medication lasted for several hours.
  3. He experienced a residual sense of unease even after the danger had passed.

Synonyms (adjective): Remaining, leftover, lingering, vestigial, remnant.

Antonyms (adjective): Complete, total, whole, initial, primary.

Collocations (adjective):

  1. Residual income: She earned a steady residual income from her investments.
  2. Residual effects: The residual effects of the accident affected his daily life.
  3. Residual odor: There was a residual odor of spices in the kitchen.

Expressions (adjective):

  1. Residual energy: Despite being tired, he had residual energy to finish the project.
  2. Residual pain: He experienced residual pain in his ankle after the injury healed.

Phrases (adjective):

  1. Residual discomfort: The surgery left him with residual discomfort for a few weeks.
  2. Residual traces: The detective found residual traces of evidence at the crime scene.
  3. Residual impact: The pandemic's residual impact on the economy was evident.

Meaning (noun): A quantity remaining after other quantities have been subtracted or allowed for.

Examples (noun):

  1. The lab technician measured the residual amount of chemicals in the solution.
  2. The accountant calculated the residual value of the company's assets.
  3. The residual income from the rental property was a welcome addition.

Synonyms (noun): Remainder, balance, leftover, remnant, excess.

Antonyms (noun): Total, whole, entirety, summation, complete.

Collocations (noun):

  1. Residual value: The car's residual value decreased after a few years.
  2. Residual amount: There was a residual amount of water left in the bucket.
  3. Residual sum: The residual sum was donated to charity.

Expressions (noun):

  1. Residual calculation: The residual calculation accounted for all the expenses.
  2. Residual deduction: The residual deduction was made from the final payment.

Phrases (noun):

  1. Residual income: The author earned a residual income from book royalties.
  2. Residual effect: The medication had a residual effect on his energy levels.
  3. Residual value assessment: The residual value assessment determined the worth of the property.

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