Respond - REF

Respond (verb):Meaning:

  1. To answer or reply to something that has been said, done, or asked.
  2. To react to a stimulus, situation, or event in a specific way.


  1. She quickly responded to the email, addressing the sender's questions.
  2. The audience responded with applause after the performance.
  3. In emergency situations, it's important to respond promptly and decisively.

Synonyms:Answer, reply, react, acknowledge, counter, retort, retaliate, retort, reply, rejoin.

Antonyms:Ignore, neglect, disregard, unresponsive, silence.


  1. Respond to a question: The expert will respond to questions from the audience after the presentation.
  2. Respond to criticism: The artist decided to respond to criticism by explaining the inspiration behind the artwork.
  3. Respond to a call: The firefighter quickly responded to the call for help.


  1. Respond in kind: If someone shows you kindness, it's best to respond in kind.
  2. Respond like a shot: When she heard about the opportunity, she responded like a shot, submitting her application immediately.


  1. Respond positively/negatively: The participants responded positively to the proposed changes in the project.


  1. Respond to a challenge: The team worked hard to respond to the challenge posed by the tight deadline.

Word Family:

  • Response (noun): Her quick response to the situation saved the day.
  • Responsive (adjective): The new software is highly responsive to user inputs.
  • Responsiveness (noun): The team's responsiveness to customer feedback improved their product's quality.
  • Responsive (adjective): The child's behavior is very responsive to positive reinforcement.

- Collocation

response (n.)

response to a question/request/demand
provide/give a response
prompt/quick/immediate response
receive/get a response
no response/lack of response
positive/negative response
favorable/warm response
enthusiastic response
muted/tepid response
poor/inadequate response
measured/careful response
official/formal response
initial/early response
investor/market response
public/audience response

Response refers to a reaction, reply or reaction to a question, request, event or situation.

Some common collocations involve responding to a direct question or request. Adjectives like prompt, quick, immediate emphasize speed of response while others like positive, negative indicate quality or tone.

Nouns modified by response often refer to what is being responded to such as a question, inquiry or demand. Phrases with receive, get or lack of emphasize whether or not a response was provided. Responses can also be described as favorable, enthusiastic, muted, poor or measured depending on the nature and degree.

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