Result - Collocation


  1. End Result: The final outcome or consequence of a process, action, or situation.
  2. Positive Result: A favorable or desirable outcome or consequence.
  3. Negative Result: An unfavorable or undesirable outcome or consequence.
  4. Final Result: The ultimate outcome or conclusion of a series of actions or events.
  5. Direct Result: An outcome that is directly caused by a specific action or event.
  6. Unintended Result: An outcome that occurs unexpectedly or as a consequence of actions not initially intended.
  7. Desired Result: An outcome that was intended or aimed for in a specific context.
  8. Causal Result: An outcome that can be attributed to a particular cause or factor.
  9. Consequential Result: A significant outcome or consequence with notable implications.
  10. Result of Something: The outcome or consequence that arises due to a particular action, event, or circumstance.
  11. Result in Something: To lead to or bring about a specific outcome or consequence.
  12. Result Analysis: The process of examining and understanding the outcomes and consequences of a situation or action.

These collocations provide various contexts in which the term "result" is commonly used to describe different aspects and types of outcomes, consequences, and conclusions.

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