Revolve - REF

Revolve (verb):Meaning: To move in a circular path around a central point or axis; to rotate or spin.


  1. The Earth revolves around the Sun in its annual orbit.
  2. The fan blades revolve rapidly to circulate air in the room.
  3. The dancer gracefully made her skirt revolve as she spun on stage.

Synonyms: Rotate, spin, circle, orbit, gyrate.

Antonyms: Stand still, stay stationary, remain fixed.


  1. Revolve around: Many discussions revolve around finding solutions to global challenges.
  2. Revolve quickly: The planet Venus revolves quickly around the Sun.
  3. Revolve slowly: The moon revolves slowly around the Earth.


  1. Revolve in one's mind: He couldn't sleep as the question continued to revolve in his mind.
  2. Revolve around: Her life seemed to revolve around her work and family.
  3. Revolve on an axis: The Earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours.


  1. Thoughts revolve around: Her thoughts constantly revolve around her future plans.
  2. Actions revolve around: The team's actions revolve around achieving their goals.
  3. World revolve: The modern world seems to revolve at an ever-increasing pace.


  1. Revolve around the Sun: The planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun.
  2. Ideas revolve in discussions: New ideas and concepts often revolve in discussions.
  3. Revolve in its orbit: The moon gracefully revolves in its orbit.

Word Family (noun):

  • Revolution (noun): A complete circuit or rotation; a significant change or upheaval.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Revolutionary (adjective): Pertaining to or causing a revolution; introducing radical change.

Word Family (noun with prefix: "re-"):

  • Revolvement (noun): The act of revolving or rotating.

Word Family (noun with suffix: "-er"):

  • Revolver (noun): A firearm with a revolving cylinder containing several chambers.

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