Salvage - REF

Salvage (verb/noun):Meaning:

  1. (verb) To retrieve or save something, especially goods or valuables, from a dangerous or damaged situation, typically in the aftermath of an accident, disaster, or wreck.
  2. (noun) The act of rescuing or recovering goods, valuables, or a ship that has been in a hazardous situation.


  1. The team worked tirelessly to salvage the valuable artifacts from the sunken ship.
  2. After the fire, they managed to salvage some of their belongings from the wreckage.
  3. The company's quick response helped salvage the situation after the data breach.


  1. Retrieve, recover, rescue.
  2. Recovery, rescue operation, retrieval.


  1. Abandon, discard, surrender.
  2. Loss, destruction, abandonment.


  1. Salvage operation: The salvage operation was successful in recovering the sunken ship's cargo.
  2. Salvage crew: The salvage crew worked around the clock to retrieve the stranded hikers.
  3. Salvage mission: The astronauts went on a salvage mission to repair the malfunctioning satellite.


  1. Salvage the situation: His quick thinking helped to salvage the situation after the misunderstanding.
  2. Salvage operation: The team conducted a daring salvage operation to retrieve the lost equipment.
  3. Salvage what's left: After the flood, they had to salvage what's left of their belongings.


  1. Salvage mission: The military organized a salvage mission to recover the downed aircraft.
  2. Salvage efforts: The community joined together for the salvage efforts after the earthquake.
  3. Salvage the wreckage: The engineers worked diligently to salvage the wreckage of the collapsed building.


  1. Salvage and recovery: The salvage and recovery process was challenging due to the rough weather conditions.
  2. Salvage mission success: The salvage mission success was celebrated by the entire team.
  3. Salvage the remains: Despite the fire, they were determined to salvage the remains of their business.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Salvageable (adjective): Capable of being saved or recovered, often used to describe items that can be rescued from a disaster or damage.

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