Sincere - REF

Sincere (adjective):Meaning:

  1. Free from pretense or deceit; honest and genuine in feelings, expressions, or intentions.
  2. Marked by true and heartfelt emotions.


  1. Her sincere apology was evident in her tearful eyes.
  2. He expressed his sincere gratitude for their support during tough times.
  3. The team's success was due to their sincere collaboration and dedication.


  1. Honest, authentic, earnest.
  2. Heartfelt, genuine, unfeigned.


  1. Dishonest, insincere, deceptive.
  2. Fake, affected, artificial.


  1. Sincere appreciation: The speaker expressed sincere appreciation for the audience's engagement.
  2. Sincere effort: She put in a sincere effort to improve her skills.
  3. Sincere condolences: The company offered sincere condolences to the family of the deceased.


  1. Sincerely yours: The letter ended with "Yours sincerely," indicating genuine intentions.
  2. Sincere to a fault: He's sincere to a fault, often sharing his unfiltered thoughts.
  3. Sincerely hope: We sincerely hope for a positive outcome.


  1. Sincere smile: Her sincere smile lit up the room.
  2. Sincere apology: He offered a sincere apology for his mistake.
  3. Sincere congratulations: The team received sincere congratulations for their victory.


  1. Sincere gratitude: The team expressed sincere gratitude for the support from fans.
  2. Sincere intention: Their sincere intention was to make a positive impact.
  3. Sincere expression: Her sincere expression conveyed her true emotions.

Word Family (noun):

  • Sincerity (noun): The quality of being sincere; honesty and genuineness in feelings or intentions.
  • Insincerity (noun): The state of not being sincere; lack of honesty or genuine feelings.

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