Strained Dialogue - REF

Strained Dialogue (noun phrase):Meaning:A conversation or communication between individuals or groups that is tense, uncomfortable, or marked by a lack of ease and openness. Strained dialogue often indicates a difficult or troubled relationship between the parties involved.


  1. The strained dialogue between the two leaders highlighted the deep-rooted disagreements between their countries.
  2. Despite their efforts to reconcile, their relationship remained strained, and their conversations were characterized by strained dialogue.
  3. The family gathering started with optimism, but soon devolved into a strained dialogue about sensitive topics.

Synonyms:Tense conversation, uncomfortable communication, awkward exchange, strained discussion.

Antonyms:Open dialogue, smooth conversation, easy communication, positive exchange.


  1. Engage in strained dialogue: The negotiators were forced to engage in strained dialogue as they tried to resolve the conflict.
  2. Avoid strained dialogue: In order to maintain a healthy relationship, it's important to avoid strained dialogue and address issues openly.
  3. Navigating strained dialogue: The therapist helped the couple learn techniques for navigating strained dialogue more effectively.


  1. Walking on eggshells: The couple felt like they were walking on eggshells around each other, afraid to trigger another round of strained dialogue.
  2. Threadbare conversation: The party's threadbare conversation hinted at the strained dialogue that had been going on behind the scenes.


  1. Engage in a heated exchange: What started as a simple disagreement quickly turned into a heated exchange of words.


  1. Attempt to mend the dialogue: After years of misunderstandings, they decided to attempt to mend the dialogue between them.

Word Family:

  • Strain (verb): The argument strained their friendship.
  • Strained (adjective): Their strained relationship made communication difficult.
  • Strain (noun): The constant disagreements put a strain on their relationship.

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