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temporary (adjective)

Meaning: Lasting for a limited period of time; not permanent.


  1. She took on a temporary job to earn some extra money during the summer break.
  2. The company offered him a temporary position while they searched for a permanent replacement.
  3. The city set up temporary shelters for the homeless during the harsh winter months.

Synonyms: short-term, fleeting, transient

Antonyms: permanent, lasting, enduring


  1. Temporary solution: A short-term fix or resolution to a problem.
  2. Temporary residence: A place where someone temporarily lives or stays.
  3. Temporary measure: An interim action taken to address a situation until a permanent solution is found.


  1. Temporary setback: A minor or temporary obstacle or difficulty.
  2. In temporary possession: Having temporary control or ownership of something.
  3. Temporary fix: A temporary solution to a problem, often used until a more permanent solution can be implemented.


  1. Temporary arrangement: A short-term plan or agreement for a specific period of time.
  2. Temporary leave: A brief period of absence from work or duty.
  3. Temporary state: A condition or situation that is not expected to last for a long time.

Word family:

  1. temporarily (adverb) - for a limited time; temporarily.
  2. temporariness (noun) - the quality or state of being temporary.
  3. temporize (verb) - to act in a way that delays or avoids making a decision.
  4. temporizer (noun) - a person who avoids making decisions or commitments.
  5. temporal (adjective) - relating to time; worldly or secular, as opposed to spiritual.

Root and Meaning:The word "temporary" is derived from the Latin word "temporarius," which means "lasting for a time" or "temporary." It is formed from the root "tempus," meaning "time." The prefix "temp-" indicates a connection to time and duration.

Part of Speech: Adjective

- Collocation

  • temporary job/position/role
  • temporary solution/measure/fix
  • temporary worker/employee/staff
  • temporary accommodation/housing/home
  • set up a temporary base/camp/hospital
  • temporary visa/passport/documents
  • find temporary housing/work/childcare
  • serve a temporary sentence/ban/suspension
  • offer temporary relief/assistance/aid
  • only a temporary solution/setback/obstacle
  • something temporary/impermanent/transitory
  • seek temporary employment/shelter/custody
  • arrangements are temporary/provisional/tentative
  • facing temporary difficulties/hardship/problems

Certainly! Here are examples of how the term "temporary" can be used in various contexts:

  • He took on a temporary job as a waiter while looking for a more permanent position.
  • The team implemented a temporary solution to fix the software glitch until a permanent fix could be developed.
  • The company hired temporary workers to help with the increased workload during the holiday season.
  • They provided temporary accommodation for the victims of the natural disaster.
  • The military set up a temporary base in the area to coordinate relief efforts.
  • He obtained a temporary visa to visit the country for a short period of time.
  • They were able to find temporary housing until their new home was ready.
  • Due to overcrowding, the prison had to serve temporary sentences in some cases.
  • The organization offered temporary assistance to those affected by the crisis.
  • The quick repair was only a temporary fix and needed a more thorough solution.
  • Despite the setbacks, they remained confident that it was only a temporary obstacle.
  • The uncertainty was due to the temporary nature of the contract.
  • She decided to seek temporary employment while exploring career options.
  • The arrangements for the event are still provisional and subject to change.
  • The company is facing temporary difficulties due to supply chain disruptions.

These examples demonstrate the diverse ways in which "temporary" can be used to describe situations, conditions, and arrangements that are not meant to be permanent.

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