Thorough - REF

Thorough (adjective):Meaning:

  1. Complete in every detail; covering all aspects or elements.
  2. Carried out or performed with great care and attention to detail.


  1. The detective conducted a thorough investigation to uncover the truth.
  2. The chef's thorough preparation ensured that every dish was perfect.
  3. She gave her presentation a thorough review to eliminate any errors.


  1. Comprehensive, complete, detailed.
  2. Meticulous, careful, systematic.


  1. Superficial, incomplete, cursory.
  2. Negligent, careless, hasty.


  1. Thorough analysis: The report included a thorough analysis of market trends.
  2. Thorough cleaning: The team conducted a thorough cleaning of the entire office.
  3. Thorough examination: The doctor performed a thorough examination to diagnose the patient's condition.


  1. Go through something thoroughly: She took the time to go through the report thoroughly before presenting it.
  2. Leave no stone unturned: The team promised to leave no stone unturned in their thorough search for a solution.
  3. Cover all the bases: They made sure to cover all the bases in their thorough preparation.


  1. Thorough understanding: He demonstrated a thorough understanding of the complex topic.
  2. Thorough research: Her paper was based on thorough research from various sources.
  3. Thorough investigation: The police conducted a thorough investigation to solve the mystery.


  1. Thorough review: The manuscript underwent a thorough review before being published.
  2. Thorough knowledge: Her thorough knowledge of the subject impressed the professor.
  3. Thorough assessment: The teacher provided a thorough assessment of each student's performance.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Thoroughly (adverb): In a complete and detailed manner; with careful attention.
  • Thoroughness (noun): The quality of being thorough; attention to detail and completeness.
  • Thoroughgoing (adjective): Complete, absolute, or thorough in every respect.

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