throughout - REF

Throughout (preposition/adverb):Meaning:

  1. Preposition: In every part of; all the way through.
  2. Adverb: In every part; all over.


  1. She was dedicated to her work and consistently gave her best throughout the project.
  2. The festival attracted visitors from different countries, and the celebrations went on throughout the weekend.
  3. The artist's work is characterized by its consistent quality throughout his career.


  1. All through, all over, in every part.
  2. Everywhere, across the board, in every direction.


  1. Partially, in parts, in some places.
  2. Nowhere, nowhere at all, not at all.


  1. Throughout history: Innovations have shaped the world throughout history.
  2. Throughout the year: The company hosts events throughout the year.
  3. Throughout the process: The team collaborated closely throughout the process.


  1. A blessing throughout: Her positive attitude has been a blessing throughout the challenges.
  2. Throughout the night: They worked throughout the night to meet the deadline.
  3. Stand by throughout: His friends promised to stand by him throughout the difficult times.


  1. Throughout the ages: Artistic expression has evolved throughout the ages.
  2. Throughout one's life: Learning is a continuous process throughout one's life.
  3. Throughout the world: Their efforts are recognized throughout the world.


  1. Throughout the duration: The conference provided valuable insights throughout the duration.
  2. Throughout the country: The organization has branches throughout the country.
  3. Throughout the continent: The initiative aims to promote unity throughout the continent.

Word Family (verb):

  • Thorough (verb): This word comes from the root "through." It's an adjective meaning complete, careful, or detailed.

Word Family (noun):

  • Thoroughness (noun): The state of being thorough or comprehensive in work or thought.

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