Warranty - REF

Warranty (noun):Meaning: A written or verbal guarantee given by a manufacturer or seller that a product will meet certain specifications, perform as expected, or be free from defects for a specified period of time.


  1. The laptop came with a one-year warranty covering any hardware malfunctions.
  2. The appliance had a 30-day money-back warranty if the customer was not satisfied.
  3. The car dealership offered an extended warranty for an additional fee.

Synonyms: Guarantee, assurance, pledge, promise, commitment.

Antonyms: No warranty, lack of guarantee, unreliability.


  1. Limited warranty: The product comes with a limited warranty for one year.
  2. Extended warranty: He decided to purchase the extended warranty for his new smartphone.
  3. Manufacturer's warranty: The repair was covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


  1. Warranty of authenticity: The artwork comes with a warranty of authenticity from the artist.
  2. Warranty of performance: The device's warranty of performance assured customers of its durability.


  1. Warranty coverage: The warranty coverage includes parts and labor for two years.
  2. Warranty claim: He submitted a warranty claim when his television malfunctioned.
  3. Void the warranty: Opening the device yourself may void the warranty.


  1. Warranty of merchantability: The product's warranty of merchantability assures its fitness for ordinary use.
  2. Warranty against defects: The warranty against defects ensures the product's quality.

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